Donations are needed to fund the utility payments and ongoing repair and maintenance of the park facilities and trails.

The Parks Foundation has preserved green spaces and created parks and trails in Greenwood County, South Carolina since 1999. Founded by a dedicated group of "parks people", the Parks Foundation identifies potential parks and trails and then works to acquire rights to the property. The Foundation also raises money through private donations and grants, organizes volunteers, and constructs and maintains the parks and trails. For the most part, parks and trails have been created and maintained in Greenwood County without the use of taxpayer money.

The Parks Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has no paid employees. 100% of the money raised goes towards parks and trails. The success of the Foundation has been dependent upon dedicated volunteers, private donors, and local businesses willing to give labor and materials for the projects.


  • Billy Nicholson, President,  864-229-7241
  • Klaus Neubner, Trails Maintenance, 864-223-8981